Chinese Curriculum

Chinese Curriculum (2 months old – 6 years old)

Picket Fence 华文教育课程注重幼儿多元智能的培养,全面发展幼儿的思维素质和治理素质,按照幼儿生命中的关键期设置,按照幼儿年龄发展的阶段性,在特定的年龄阶段提供特定领域的学习内容,将大容量的教育内容:日常生活教育,感官教育,数学教育,语言教育,科学文化教育,融汇进去,使幼儿视野开阔,并达到举一反三的效果。本教材还加入了古诗,三字经等国学教育,让幼儿学会从小接受圣贤教导,养成行为之规,理解做人之本,为孩子铺就人生成功之道,奠定人生成就之根走上人生幸福之路。

Picket Fence Chinese curriculum focuses on the cultivation of the children's multiple bits of intelligence. It looks at the holistic development of children's critical thinking in their early years and addresses their age appropriate developmental in language arts, socio-emotional skills, numeracy, creative and visual arts, sciences and fine/gross motor skills. The curriculum underpins our emphasis on character development and moral values.

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